Creative Support

A great brand and strong marketing collateral are really important tools in helping you grow your company and change more lives.

There are a couple of elements to think about, all of which we can provide support on:

  • Your name. 
  • Your logo. 
  • Your brand personality
  • Some basic collateral such as a letterhead, business card design, social media marketing, and basic marketing brochure/PDF.
  • A basic 5 page website or landing page.

Our team will work with you to determine which of our creative support is right for your business. This will depend on the activities your business runs and how you engage with your customers. Some of you may need a full website while others may only need a great logo, landing page and social media marketing material. As part of your support package with Spark*, you have access to this for three months.  

If you are interested in this support, please get in touch via the link below for an initial discussion and evaluation of your business’ marketing needs. 

Creative Support

Strategic Support

Have a strategy call with one of our entrepreneurship advisors.

In the early years of your company there are lots of things that stress you out, big decisions to make, and strategic challenges that you need to get right. When you have your head down in your venture, sometimes you lose perspective and need some help and advice. 

This is why we offer ongoing strategy calls for the three months of support that you receive as a Spark* entrepreneur. In these calls you can throw around some ideas with your Country CEO and they will either help you during the call, or search for the support you need. 

If you would like to book a strategy call, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Strategic Support

Legal and Accounting Support

Receive legal and accounting support from our pro-bono partners. 

There are a whole bunch of legal and accounting issues that you need to get your head around when you are in the early years of your venture and this can be expensive. 

A few things to consider: 

  1. This legal and accounting support is worth a lot of money, so please acknowledge this and be thankful for what we can provide to you! If you need huge amounts done, and what we can mobilise for you is not good enough, please consider hiring your own support services.
  2. We partner with major companies to provide this support, so if you have a meeting organised with them, make sure you are well prepared and on time. 

We work hard to connect you with pro-bono legal and accounting support and if you are interested in this, please get in touch via the link below with your specific legal and/or accounting issue. 

 Legal and Accounting Support


Apply for small injections of funding to test your ideas and overcome barriers.

In the first years of your company it is unlikely that you find yourself in a position where you have absolutely nailed a product that is flying off the shelves and changing lives. Instead your early years are a process of testing ideas, and overcoming the many barriers you need to grow a great venture. 

As a Spark* entrepreneur, during your three months of support you can access quick grants, which are small injections of funding to help you test an idea or overcome a barrier. 

You are welcome to apply for up to $1000 AUD.

It is not guaranteed that you will secure a quick grant and we have more applications each month than we can afford to meet, so you need to put your best foot forward. Smaller applications are likely to be approved more quickly so we encourage you to apply for exactly what you need rather than the maximum amount. 

To apply for funding, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.


 Within three months of receiving the funds, we will require a simple report back on how the funds were spent:



Measuring your Impact.

As a social business, measuring your impact is one of the most important things you need to consider. In order to prove your business model works and is actually changing lives, you need to have a clear set of metrics to measure success and then be able to clearly communicate the difference you are making to your stakeholders be they your customers, beneficiaries, donors or investors.

At Spark* we make it very easy for you to track and record your impact. At the accelerator, we help you identify what you should be measuring, then link you up with the corresponding IRIS metrics. We then check in with you once a quarter to see how many more people have been significantly impacted by your business and how.

We collect this quantitative impact because it can most clearly prove you are creating change, but we also know how valuable qualitative impact is which is why we will also ask you to share with us a story of how someone has been impacted by your business to help you capture all those ways you are impacting your beneficiaries that might not be so easy to measure.

Our Impact team will be in touch with you by email each quarter but you can also send us an email at by clicking below.

Share your impact with us:

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